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Will the housing market slow down in 2021? Residential Property Review January 2021

In this January 2021 edition of the residential property market review, we ask if the housing market will slow down in 2021? Plus we reveal the price gap between freehold and leasehold properties and report on the rise of the buy-to-let limited company. Read our summary or download the full residential property review below.

Residential property market expected to slow

While the activity in the property market remains high, respondents to the RoyalInstitution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) December UK Residential Market Survey, expect to see momentum drop during in 2021. With the Stamp Duty holiday coming to an end and an expected drop in employment rates following the end of the furlough scheme in April; are both of these factors due to contribute to the cooling of the property market as the year goes on?

Buy-to-let limited companies on the rise

Figures in 2020 show an increase in the proportion of rental properties now being held in limited companies. This is a result of the phased-in reduction of mortgage tax relief and other tax changes since 2016.

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All information on the attached guide is based on our current understanding of taxation legislation and regulations and are subject to change.

January 2021 Residential Property Review
Download PDF • 498KB

For help and advice in financial planning, mortgage advice and retirement planning speak to our experts. Get In Touch This article was written by Adam Prestwood.

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